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In the last two years, Stroke 29 wanking lube has taken the USA by storm. In a country where the majority of men masturbate with products, there is a considerable demand for high-quality lubricants and oils.

Many men in the UK have either looked on with jealousy, made do with inferior generic products or paid increased prices to have this great wanking lube shipped over from the states, only to find that a month later they've ran out and need to place another expensive order!


Thanks to BlokeToys, this top-quality, highly popular product is now available to you, quickly, discreetly and cheaply too!

Stroke 29 gives increased pleasure

Increased pleasure

Stroke 29 easy to clean up

Easy use and clean-up

Stroke 29 is specially designed for wanking

Specially designed

Stroke 29 is affordable and long lasting



Increased pleasure >>>    

Far too many men in the UK neglect wanking lube and the pleasure that it can provide, and those who know of the increased pleasure of using a wanking lube often stick to something basic and bland.

There are many products out there suitable for wanking, but it goes without saying that some are better than others.

By using Stroke 29 wanking lube, your hand comes into direct contact with the most sensitive areas of your penis, providing smooth and slick sensations in places you would otherwise avoid.

By using Stroke 29 wanking lube your hand can slide along the entire length of the shaft from root to tip, providing intense pleasure that would otherwise not be achieved with a standard lube-free masturbation session.

 Easy use and clean-up >>>    

Those of you who have used wanking lube in the past might be familiar with the mess. There are a lot of water-based lubes out there that have a tendency to slip and slide all over the place, dribbling down where you don't need them and leaving stains everywhere!

With Stroke 29 wanking lube, this is completely avoided.

Starting out as a thick cream, Stroke 29 reacts with the heat of your skin (around the 29th stroke!) thinning out to a slick and smooth oil that stays where you need it most. It doesn't seep around the base of your shaft or dribble over your scrotum to leave puddles!

After a clean and intense wank, Stroke 29 washes away with a little soap and water, leaving your skin smooth and supple and you completely satisfied!

Specially designed >>>    

Unlike many other generic wanking lubes on sale around the world, Stroke 29 is specially designed for your solo pleasure.

When a man needs to pleasure himself and wants to enjoy an evening of solo fun, no other wanking lube even comes close to the pleasure provided by this remarkable lubricant.

It's not designed for her, for penetrative sex or for toy use - it's designed to GET YOU OFF with an intense climax!

With Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and added Vitamin E, Stroke 29 is thick enough at the start to stay where you need it, thinning out to a slick and slippery oil that allows for direct and close contact, leading to intense and lengthened pleasure.

When you're done and finally satiated, Stroke 29 wanking lube leaves the skin of the penis smooth and soft, not sticky or slimy.

When it comes to enjoying your masturbation, only a product specially designed for the pleasure of your member will give you such an amazing sensation!

Affordable >>>    

There are a lot of oils and water-based products out there, and some of them can cost a lot of money! These are generally intended for intercourse or toy use, but they're not specially designed for wanking like Stroke 29!

Even though this is a high-quality product, developed by masters of lubricants Empowered Products, Stroke 29 wanking lube is affordable for all, provided in two sizes for your convenience and budget.

Start off with the 100ml at a lower price and try it for yourself, but I guarantee that you'll be running out and purchasing the 200ml soon after!

Save money and have your Stroke 29 delivered to your door within days in the UK, shipped in plain packaging from a UK supplier.



Martin - London

"I was looking for some adequate wanking lube while my wife was recovering from an injury, she wasn't able to have sex for a month but enjoys servicing me while we watch porn. The thing is she's not great at it and I would end up taking over. But after trying some basic lubes with only a little more success a friend from the gym told me about Stroke 29.

It didn't only make it easier for my wife to get to grips with me, but it made the handjob so much more intense! She was often done within five minutes, and after that I started to experiment on my own.

I haven't had so much fun wanking since I was a teenager, and the pleasure from it is just so good my sex drive has gone through the roof too. My wife is now thankfully back to enjoying sex again, but I still find myself enjoying masturbation more than I did before.

We have a tube at home that we enjoy together occasionally, but I have another in my work truck too so I can enjoy my wanking alone when I'm out on the road over night!"

Dave - Manchester

"I never bothered with wanking lube before Stroke 29, it was all too messy and more hassle than it was worth. But after visiting a friend in another town and I found some in the draw in the spare room I thought I'd try it.

I was amazed at how much pleasure I had from this simple little thing. It's thick and creamy when it goes on, but after a few strokes it gives me a slippery stiffie to really enjoy. It lets you get right to the head and gives the hottest wank!

Stroke 29 converted me into a lube fan, and after trying different ones this is still the best!"

Steven -NI

"I saw one of the offers on the BlokeToys site for Stroke 29 and I had to buy some when I read some of the comments on there. Three days later it was in my hand and I was wanking away to some porn and getting off on it so hard I squirted myself in the face! lol"

Craig - Bedford

"I've enjoyed using some water-based wanking lubes in the past, but to be honest it was never a big part of wanking for me. But because I'm bisexual and I love wanking with other guys I often try new products depending on what they have when I hook up with them.

Stroke 29 was one that a new wanking buddy of mine had, and after stroking each other with it I was definitely going to buy some. I did some searching and it was really hard to find here in the UK, but I did eventually and now I take it with me whenever I have a wanking meet with a new friend and plenty of guys love it when they come over to my place too.

Quite simply Stroke 29 is the best wanking lube I think I have ever tried!"

Ready to experience the heightened pleasure of a long and leisurely wank with Stroke 29?



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